The Essences

Wildheart Animal Essences are the product of a profound and loving relationship with the wild animal kingdom, and offer a unique understanding of the special gifts of each animal as they support us on our healing journey.

When we walk together with the animals, magic can happen, and we can learn how to tap into the wildness within, giving us the tools for healing ourselves and the world around us. 

What They Are

Wildheart Animal Essences are a vibrational healing tool made using a combination of Glastonbury Spring waters, brandy and the energetic imprint of each respective animal. They are designed to assist in the body’s natural healing process, and to offer gentle support in times of healing, stress and change.
How And Where
Wildheart Animal Essences were dreamed into being on the slopes of Glastonbury Tor,  the Black Mountains of wild Wales and/or the shores of Britain's Jurassic Coast. They were made with deep reverence and respect using Glastonbury’s natural spring waters and shamanic traditions, and were developed to assist in our connection to the land and its native animals.

All the animals are, or once were, native to the British Isles.
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